Temporary Traffic Control: Managing Your Project

The secret to efficient, effective project completion often depends on the smooth management of traffic. If your project needs temporary traffic control in London, then we can provide comprehensive services including: 

– Road closures & diversions 

– Give & take systems 

– Stop & go systems

– Temporary traffic lights 

– Two-way portable traffic lights 

– Pedestrian crossing systems 

and much more. Whether a small or large-scale project, our control and management services can cover all needs with attention to detail at every level.



Our aim at Inner City Traffic Management is to ensure that your project is completed efficiently and, more importantly, within budget. Even the smallest detail can contribute to exceeding your budget. From the planning to execution stages, our traffic project management makes sure that every detail is accounted for early on–to avoid costly delays later.


Any effective temporary traffic control system in London must rely on state-of-the-art technology and software. We have invested in software including: 

– Remote traffic light monitoring 

– Direct links to TFL through a UTC controller 

– CAD drawings in planning stages 

As one of the most bustling urban centres in the world, traffic control in London is no small task–but our combined expertise and technical knowledge mean we can tackle any job no matter how big.


To discuss your temporary traffic control needs in London, get in touch with us. We can advise you on every stage of the process and be a keystone in the effective management of your project. Whether you need a complete set of temporary lights, manned traffic management, and connections to TFL, or something smaller scale, our services ensure the smooth running of any project–give us a call today. 

Call: 01992 715 270 | Email: admin@innercitytm.co.uk

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