Inner City Traffic Management in London


Traffic management represents the backbone of a lot of projects in London, and at Inner City, we provide only the best and most cost-effective traffic management in the city. We provide a comprehensive range of services for traffic management including: 

– Road closures & diversions 

– Give & take systems 

– Lane closures 

– Pedestrian Management

– Stop & go systems

– Temporary traffic lights 

– 2-way portable traffic lights 

– Pedestrian crossing systems

– CAD traffic management drawings 

– Event management and signage 

and much more. We make your efficiency our priority–while keeping our costs low. Read more about our full range of services here

About Us: Traffic Experts

We offer economic and intelligent solutions to all traffic management needs

Our aim is to provide high quality Traffic Management Service at a cost-effective price. This will enable your company to complete their scheduled works on time, on budget and within a SAFE environment.

We are approved to ISO 9001: 2015 & the National Highway Sector Scheme 12D. There is a transition audit for our 14001 Environmental Management System.

All of our work and closures are audited regularly. We are accredited by Achilles to Category B2 for utility works.

Our skills and expertise encompass the whole spectrum of traffic management services. With years of experience behind our team, we have come to understand the difficulties faced in both large and small-scale traffic management projects. Above all, we put reliability at the core of what we do–ensuring that your project runs smoothly and without interruption from start to finish.  

Traffic Management

​Our aim at Inner City TM is to provide high quality Traffic Management at a cost effective price. This will enable your company to complete their scheduled works on time, on budget and within a SAFE environment. We are approved to ISO 9001: 2008 & the National Highway Sector Scheme 12D. All of our work and closures are audited regularly. We are accredited by Achilles to Category B2 for utility works. We  look forward to working with you

TM Drawings & Permits

Its simple, be safe, have a qualified Cad technician create your drawings for you.

We aim to turn around a drawings within 24 hours. Our experience will help your project be successful. We are also able to apply for your traffic management permits to get you working straight away.

Covering Project Management Needs

Alongside our traffic management services, we are also highly experienced project management professionals. If you need a project management service for: 

– Site surveys & client meetings 

– Traffic management drawings 

– Traffic management permits 

– Highway license applications

– Temporary traffic restriction order paperwork 

– General liaisons with local authorities 

then we can help; see here for our project management services. Completing any project with an equal balance of efficiency, safety, and focus on budget requires dedicated experience in a wide range of fields. Our team can guarantee this.  


If you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss your traffic management needs in London, get in touch today. Our expertise spans a complete range of services, covering everything you might need with scale being no problem. Call us today. 

Call: 01992 715 270


Quotation Request

​We try to keep our costings simple and they fall into 3 categories which are, Traffic Management Systems, Temporary Traffic Control and Project Management and Design. No job is to big or small for us and we are happy to work anywhere within the UK.

We Supply Labour

​Does your company have irregular work flow when in these uncertain times you don’t want to take the risk of extra permanent staffing costs. We can provide ticketed staff for short and long term placements, on a self employed basis. Please contact us for our rates and further information.

Why choose us?

We offer a 24 hour a day service, 365 days a year.

Our jobs are priced competitively.

We listen to our clients with the view to build new relationships.

We turn up on time and offer a reliable service.

We invest in our staff to develop their training and monitor this monthly.

We treat customer service seriously, both director’s mobiles are available on request.

Feed back from clients is welcome and we collect data regularly to improve if possible.

Photographic evidence of site set ups is standard practice. Copies can be provided.

We have invested in software to monitor our traffic lights. It can record times delivered and removed from site, issues notifications to any potential theft or movement and reports low battery readings to prevent breakdowns.

Previous Projects & Clients

Register For 12d Jobs

​If you are already working within the 12d traffic management industry or are looking to do so, please take some time to register your details as we have contracts all over the uk.

We also receive requests from company’s that we work with who require staff. We aim to offer the best rates of pay.

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